music on paper


Martina Wald
, a German native, is a fulltime artist, a part time Sanibel resident, and an avid Jazz lover.


During jazz concerts she sees the musicians and hears the music with a pad on her knees and a pen in her hand.


As soon as the music has reached her heart she starts improvising with her pen jotting down expressive lines to capture the essence of the musician.

The process of scribbling becomes trancelike, keeping her eyes riveted on the musicians. The contact between a musician and his instrument is so intense that it is as if they were inseparable.


Her concentration deepens further and she is getting in touch with the music itself. Drawing after drawing emerges.

At the end of the concert she has forty to fifty drawings but only one or two will meet her requirements to be publicly shown.  


Looking at her work you might be able to hear the music.